Junior Developer Full Stack

Domain - Information Technology

Industry - Technology & Software Services

Powai, Mumbai

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Software Development BackendSoftware Development Full Stack

Junior Developer Full Stack
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  • B Tech (Bachelor of Technology)
  • Skills & Tools :

  • Python
  • Express.Js
  • MongoDB
  • Node.JS
  • AngularJS
  • Job Description:

    Job Overview: 

    An coding enthusiast with knowledge in application modernization, Data structures and algorithms, System Design principles, Typescript, Angular 8+, NestJS, Testing Frameworks(Jest/Mocha, Cypress), Databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL), Python3, Docker. 

    Responsibilities and Duties: 

    ● Write programs for Web and cross platform applications using Angular 8+ with unit, integration and e2e testing.

    ● Build backend services with NestJS/Python, implement system design principles to create scalable architectures with unit, integration & e2e testing 

    ● Refactor monolithic backend and frontend to microservices and micro frontends. 

    ● Write services that can implement various communication models including HTTP/REST, Pub/Sub, Websocket etc. 

    ● Build applications that can handle concurrency, fault tolerance, scalability and observability on cloud based solution architectures. 

    ● Implement best practices with regards to logging, monitoring, failure handling, application troubleshooting.

    ● Using docker, container managers, cloud development tools, git, nx, npm, package/registry managers for smooth application delivery. 

    ● Use code governance principles, gitOps, production engineering principles with a key role in policy implementation. 

    ● Able to solve complex problems and guide the team, technical perseverance and leadership is a must. 

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