Executive - Influencer Management

Domain - Marketing and Communications

Industry - Advertisement & Marketing

Sector 12, Delhi NCR

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Executive - Influencer Management
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  • Any Graduate
  • Skills & Tools :

  • Influencer Managment
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Short Format Videos
  • Social Networking
  • Content Creation - Short Format
  • Job Description:

    The company is seeking an Influencer Marketing Manager who can oversee and implement influencer marketing campaigns to increase brand visibility and engagement on social media platforms. The role involves developing, executing, and evaluating campaigns that leverage influencer partnerships. The Influencer Marketing Manager's job is to create and execute influencer marketing campaigns. These campaigns aim to increase brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. To do this, the manager works closely with influencers and social media platforms. They find suitable influencers for each campaign and negotiate deals that benefit everyone involved. You will also track and analyzes campaign success, adjusts strategies as needed, and reports back to senior management. Keeping up with the latest trends and best practices is crucial to ensure campaigns are effective and innovative.

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    Address: 1014, Lodha Supremus - Tower B, Lodha Business District 2, Kolshet Rd, Thane, Maharashtra 400607.

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