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Things to share with Candidates prior to the Interview - Setting the Right Expectations

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Things to share with Candidates prior to the Interview - Setting the Right Expectations

The hiring process is a crucial step for both employers and candidates. Setting the right expectations and providing candidates with relevant information prior to an interview not only helps them prepare effectively but also creates a positive candidate experience. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of setting the right expectations for candidates and discuss key information that should be communicated before an interview.

  • Interview Format and Duration:
    ⁠Candidates often feel anxious about the interview process. Communicating the format and estimated duration of the interview helps them mentally prepare. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 93% of candidates reported that knowing the interview format in advance helped them feel more confident. Sharing this information allows candidates to plan their time effectively and prepare for different types of interviews, such as behavioral questions, technical assessments, or panel interviews.

  • Interviewer(s) Information:
    ⁠In India, building a personal connection is highly valued. Informing candidates about the names and roles of the interviewer(s) establishes a more personal touch and enables them to conduct background research. Research conducted by Glassdoor indicates that 70% of candidates look up the interviewer(s) on LinkedIn before an interview. This preparation allows candidates to tailor their responses and demonstrate their knowledge about the company and the interviewer's role, positively influencing their overall impression.

  • Preparation Materials:
    ⁠Candidates who receive relevant preparation materials tend to perform better during interviews. Provide candidates with study materials, such as job descriptions, company overviews, or relevant industry articles. According to a survey by Indeed, 89% of candidates said that having access to interview preparation materials improved their performance. Sharing these resources demonstrates the company's commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent hiring process, while empowering candidates in India to showcase their skills effectively.

  • Logistics and Interview Details:
    ⁠To minimize any last-minute confusion or stress, communicate the logistics and interview details in advance. Include information about the interview location (whether in-person or virtual), date, time, and any technical requirements for virtual interviews. Sharing this information well in advance allows candidates to make necessary arrangements and ensures a smooth interview experience. Research by HR Technologist highlights that 86% of candidates consider clear communication about logistics crucial for a positive interview experience.

  • Evaluation Process and Timeline:
    ⁠Candidates often wonder about the evaluation process and when they can expect to hear back from the company. Clearly outline the evaluation criteria, including any specific skills or qualities the company values. Additionally, provide an estimated timeline for feedback and next steps after the interview. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that 75% of candidates consider getting a timeline for the hiring process to be important. Providing this information helps manage candidate expectations and reduces anxiety during the waiting period, which is particularly significant in the Indian context.

⁠Setting the right expectations by providing comprehensive information to candidates before an interview is crucial for a positive candidate experience and effective interview performance. Clear communication regarding the interview format, interviewer(s), preparation materials, logistics, and evaluation process significantly enhances the overall hiring process. By investing time in preparing candidates, organizations demonstrate their commitment to transparency, professionalism, and creating a positive candidate experience, ultimately leading to stronger hires.

Remember, when candidates are well-informed, they can put their best foot forward, resulting in a more successful and efficient hiring process.

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