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Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs are created to provide an outline about the platform and ease out your doubts and clarify on the questions that may arise in your mind as a user before signing up with us.

How is InRadius different from any other Job Portal / Hiring Platform

InRadius is India’s first geo-location and radius based job and talent search platform that will help Talent Seekers find Talent that lives closer to the workplace. Less commute time = better worklife balance. Our vision is to help people achieve a better worklife balance by reducing the unproductive daily long commutes, hence our platform is built and designed by keeping this objective in mind.

There are hundreds of other platforms, but no platform is solving or working on helping people find jobs closer to them and company’s find Talent living closer and reduce the daily unproductive long commutes.

So what are the features of this platform that are unique from the other platforms?

InRadius was built with purpose, the primary purpose is to help reduce the daily long unproductive commutes and the second purpose was to reinvent the job and talent search wheel which has been the same for decades.

Here is a list of features that are built to solve the current challenges of the ecosystem:

  1. Radius based job and talent search - Find talent near you thus helping job seekers achieve better worklife balance.
  2. Criteria based matching - See only what you seek, our onboarding process is designed in a way to ensure candidates and jobs are matched based on the candidates profile and job posting criterias. With this feature you no longer have to go through hundreds of resumes, you will only see the candidates that are relevant and are within your desired search criteria.
  3. Consent based contact - We value your privacy, your job details and contact details will be shared only with those candidates in whom you have shown interest or have responded positively to their interest. No more spam calls or unwanted job application calls.
  4. Interview Scheduling - Once there is a mutual interest with a candidate you can schedule an interview. You can manage, track all your interviews from the platform.
  5. Feedback based ranking - Your feedback is important and also plays a vital role in building our AI based algorithm. Based on every feedback received from you and millions of other talent seekers the ranking of the candidates will change in real time.
  6. Your EBP Score (Employer Brand Proposition) - As a talent seeker you would have often had a question of where do you lack as an employer and why candidates do not join or back out last minute. At InRadius, post every interview every candidate you interview with will be providing feedback on the interview. Based on the feedback received by the candidates we derive your EBP score which showcases how the company is perceived by the candidates. To make it easier for you to understand we have bifurcated the EBP score as follows:
    • Introduction and Expectation Setting
    • Role Potential and Growth
    • Engagement and Summary
    • Job Preference
    We believe that the above should help you in identifying areas of improvement and work on to improve the overall brand positioning of your company. The higher your EBP the higher you rank on our platform. With a clear visibility to where the company needs to improve, we believe we make it a level playing field.
  7. End to End Tracking - At InRadius, we have redesigned the entire hiring journey. We are with you at every step of the process right from candidate identification to candidate joining, you will be able to track joining interest shown by the interviewed candidates in your jobs and track the offers made by you to the candidates on the platform itself. You can track, manage all your offers and interested candidates from a single window.
  8. Candidate Delisting - Offer shopping and last minute backouts have been a big pain, it changes now. At InRadius, once a candidate accepts an offer from you or any other Talent Seeker they will be delisted from the Jobs section of our platform. Simultaneously we also send out an emailer to all the company’s the candidate was in the selection process about the candidate having accepted the offer and is delisted, we also communicate to refrain any further contact with candidate to poach him.

We are just getting started and we are here to make job and talent search a memorable experience. If you think we could have added a step or could do something better, please write to me at darshan@inradius.in

I don’t remember my password, how do I reset my password?

Nothing to worry about, follow the below steps to reset your password:

  • Click on the forgot password option on the login page.
  • Enter your registered email address.
  • A password reset link will be sent to you at your registered email address.
  • The link will be valid only for 60 minutes.
  • Set your new password.
  • Login normally with your newly set password

How do I access a candidate's CV/Resume?

You can click on the candidate profile to expand it and see a detailed profile, on the detailed view scroll down and click on the 'View CV/Resume' button to open the resume and download it.

India’s first geo-location based job search platform

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