Junior Strategist Branding

Domain - Marketing and Communications

Industry - Food & Beverage

Mumbai, Mumbai

Open for Freshers

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Junior Strategist Branding
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  • Advanced Certificate Programme - Brand Communication Management
  • Skills & Tools :

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Development
  • Time Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Canva
  • Job Description:

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Strategy Development: Develop and implement social media strategies aligned with the organization's goals and target audience. Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the success of social media campaigns.
    • Content Creation: Create compelling and engaging content for social media platforms, including text, images, videos, and other media formats. Adapt content for different platforms while maintaining brand consistency.
    • Community Management: Actively engage with the organization's online community by responding to comments, messages, and inquiries in a timely and professional manner. Foster positive relationships with followers and influencers.
    • Social Media Advertising: Plan and execute paid social media advertising campaigns to reach target audiences and achieve specific marketing objectives. Monitor and optimize campaign performance for maximum return on investment (ROI).
    • Social Listening and Monitoring: Monitor social media channels for brand mentions, relevant conversations, and industry trends. Gather insights from social listening tools and analytics to inform future content and strategies.
    • Analytics and Reporting: Track, analyze, and report on the performance of social media campaigns using relevant analytics tools. Provide regular reports to stakeholders, highlighting key metrics, trends, and recommendations for improvement.
    • Collaboration and Coordination: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, design, and customer support, to ensure consistent messaging and a unified brand presence across all channels. Collaborate with external partners and agencies when necessary.
    • Stay Updated on Industry Trends: Stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing, including emerging platforms, tools, and techniques. Recommend innovative strategies to keep the organization ahead of the competition.

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